2.9 million land reform beneficiaries urged to vote wisely

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MANILA – The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has encouraged Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARB) to exercise their right to vote in the national and local elections on May 9 and choose national and local candidates who have plans and platforms that would benefit them and their communities.

Attorney David D. Erro, undersecretary of the Office of Policy, Planning and Research (PPRO) and concurrent undersecretary of the Office of External Affairs and Communications (EACOO), said the data collected from from the DAR planning department showed that a total of 2,916,621 ARBs had been delivered. with Emancipation Patents (EP) and Certificates of Land Ownership (CLOA) from 1972 to March 2022.

A total of 4,954,235 hectares of land have been allocated for ARBs across the country, he added.

The 2.9 million ARB is the basic number of the voting population of DAR beneficiary farmers which can be multiplied by each member of their family who is also of voting age.

“ARBs refer to farmers who have been granted land under Executive Order No. 27, Republic Act No. 6657, or the Comprehensive Land Reform Act and RA No. 9700 or the extension of comprehensive land reform with reforms,” Erro said in a press release Thursday. .

Erro said the DAR is committed to improving the living conditions of ARBs through the department’s various intervention programs. (PR)

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