Amnesty verification exercise, scheme to delist 10,000 amnesty beneficiaries, embezzle funds – Group

An umbrella group of former militant leaders and stakeholders in the Niger Delta region has criticized the orderly vetting exercise of beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) by Acting Administrator Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd.), describing it as a ruse and part of a hidden and heinous plan to systematically deregister up to 10,000 Amnesty beneficiaries.

The group also alleged that the exercise is a means by which funds allegedly deducted (₦650 million per month, for the remaining 7 months ₦4.550 billion) from the account of deregistered beneficiaries will be filtered into private pockets to cover their banknotes. inflated aircraft, travel and hotel accommodation allowances, meal and recreation allowances, duty travel allowances, security allowances and other allowances.

The Ex-Militant Leaders Coordinating Group, in an e-mailed statement signed by former ex-militant leader, Boma Inewariku (AKA Atangba-One), noted with concern that despite successive interim administrators submitting beneficiaries from amnesty to numerous checks and verification exercises with data and count figures available, the latest screening exercise under the leadership of Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd.) is a deceptive ploy to systematically write off until to 10,000 Amnesty beneficiaries before the deadline of December 31, 2022.

According to the statement, Ndiomu and the federal government are moving forward to conclude plans to phase out the program. “How many federal intervention programs in the north, which we all know there are many of these federal programs in the north that receive billions of naira exploited from the oil wealth of the Niger Delta, have been submitted to such scrutiny by their leaders?”

He pointed out that instead of unveiling new progressive policies to advance the PAP after claiming that the federal government had reversed the decision to abandon the amnesty program, Ndiomu’s verification exercise is suspect and intended to complete the mandate to end the amnesty in a few months.

According to him, the sums realized thanks to the radiation of the beneficiaries, which would not be paid to them as required by law, are misappropriated and allegedly misappropriated under the pretext of carrying out filtering exercises. He also said that the person who signed the letter ordering the poorly planned verification exercise on behalf of the interim administrator, Mr. Terry Ajobena, was fired by NDIOMU’s predecessor, Colonel Miland Dixon Dikkio (at the retirement) for gross incompetence and alleged collusion with a dodgy Amnesty contractor who is the alleged owner of the nefarious 15 companies suing the Amnesty office for N3.8 billion in fraudulent unexecuted contracts intended to bankrupt the program of Amnesty.

The group, while saying it urged the various beneficiaries of the first, second and third phases of the amnesty program to take note of the deceptive pattern with which Major General Barry Tariye NDIOMU (Retired) ran the office of amnesty adopted to deceive the Region.

“First, locals raised alarm about the plot to suppress the presidential amnesty program and stakeholders including traditional rulers, political leaders, state governors and activists , warned against such a plan, but NDIOMU who assured the presidency of being able to end the amnesty program there which he said was the reason for his appointment adopted a different trick of deregistering gradually and systematically the beneficiaries in order to show his employers that he is in line with their mission which goes against the interests of the population of the Niger Delta.”

“Secondly, while NDIOMU was on tour to meet with key stakeholders including the most prominent ex-militant leader, High Head of Government Ekpemupolo also known as GOC Tompolo and meet with other stakeholders in Abuja and Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NDIOMU rescinded the amnesty Program as a failure and shrewdly claimed that it is planning a new strategy to reform the office and immediately began delisting the beneficiaries of Amnesty without informing the main ex-militant leaders he met, including Tompolo, King Ateke Tom and others.

“As it moved forward with the scheduled end of the amnesty program, despite growing caution against it, the NDIOMU-led Amnesty office launched a ‘dummy’, claiming the federal government had reversed the decision to end the program, and also planted media reports claiming that there was jubilation in the Niger Delta region.A few hours later, the amnesty office unveiled a clandestine plan to engage in a sale of thousands of empowerment items for program beneficiaries and property belonging to the Presidential Amnesty Office under cover of an endorsement by National Security Advisor (NSA), Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno (retired).

“Although the alleged fraudulent sales of Amnesty properties were canceled after our outcry and that of all sensible and sensible stakeholders, the federal government’s alleged reversal of its decision to abandon the amnesty program is a ruse. (false flag), and the plan The verification exercise by the Acting Administrator of the PAP, Major General Barry Tariye NDIOMU (rtd), is a confirmation that the redundancy plan is in progress and that no one in the region of the Niger delta must not be deceived, so all ex-militants and stakeholders in the region must peacefully resist NDIOMU’s tricks and drive out these nasty puppets from Amnesty’s office who are pretending to creepily remove food and water from the mouths of our suffering fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children out of our region to stop further delisting of legitimate Amnesty beneficiaries,” the statement read. that.

Tife Owolabi
Niger Delta

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