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By Emma Njoku

A United States Air Force Veteran and Executive Administrator, Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony Estate, Queen Irene Cole assured all beneficiaries captured in the will left by the late, internationally renowned philanthropist, that they will receive their respective dues.

She gave the assurance during a media chat with selected journalists in Lagos, where she made startling revelations about how she led the battle to recover the estate of Sir Bank Anthony after 30 years of controversy over the will.

Cole, who claimed Bank Anthony was her godfather, had earlier stated unequivocally that she had been shocked by revelations in the news over the past three years from a granddaughter of the late philanthropist, Fumiade Bank Anthony, an actress, that there was nothing left. for Sir Bank’s children and relations in his will.

The septuagenarian said a quiet investigation revealed, to her chagrin, that most of the beneficiaries of Bank Anthony’s massive wealth were neglected and abandoned by the trustees of the will.

She said: “First and foremost, the statement that I am not an administrator of the Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthon domain is a lie. I am the Executive Trustee of the Estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony, first, by divine favor, and with the judgment of Judge SA Onigbanjo.

“So any group of people claiming to be descendants of Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony should know that the dead spoke 29 years ago, but the people he named and trusted to carry his will haven’t told the fourth named director, until I start. in search of the truth about what happened to the estate.

She advised the beneficiaries of Sir Bank Anthony’s estate, including his family, to follow due process, although he stressed that the late wise man’s estate is completely separate from his family.

“I said to all of Sir Banks’ family, ‘You are his descendants and you should read the laws your grandfather gave you and follow his will. Your grandfather has appointed a chief to whom everything world can step in. The new leader is a mother, not a troublemaker, and she is doing everything to keep the family intact. The judge has spoken and God has ordered it without appeal. We should all join hands and work together. Sir Bank’s estate is in very good hands and there is no need for anger and bitterness. There is room for everyone on the table. If you are willing to work hard , join us. If not, stop spreading lies and rumors and get legal advice. We are working for the legacy of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony in blessed memory”.

Cole explained that in most estates, trustees use their discretion to manage the affairs of the family or beneficiaries, so as not to confuse the legal person who delineates what the family wants to do and what the owner wants to do. .

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“In Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony’s Estate, he has spelled out, distinctly, the beneficiaries of his estate, and they include but are not limited to: Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, Ogun State – The Sir Bank-Anthony Library, has designed quarterly benefits to equip the library, Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Cancer Research Fund at University of Ibadan, Oyo State; the Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Postgraduate Scholarship in Eurology, Nephrology and Forensic Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State; Nigerian Academy of Sciences c/o Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos – annual cash benefit; the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna; The Nigerian Society for the Blind; the Paccelli School for the Blind; Boy Scouts of Nigeria; National PostGraduate Medical College of Nigeria, Lagos (annual cash benefit); Arrangements made to construct a school in Lagos to be called the Alhaja Abiodun Bank-Anthony Girls’ School; A mosque to be developed from one of Sir Bank’s properties to be called Alhaja Rabiatu Mosque, and many more.

“I explained to the children that they did not have to worry about the real beneficiaries of Sir Banks, even if they saw me as an enemy. I’m not. The real enemies of the Domain and the family want to silence me. All the social degradation of my name is due to the fact that they know that the estate comes for the beneficiaries’ money. Registrars and banks and those hosting properties that don’t belong to them are really worried about me, and they should be, because after such an onslaught on social media, I know who my enemies are, and I won’t challenge not the kids and Mr. Banks.

Cole exposed what she described as deep-rooted corruption in banks and registrars who she said colluded with a surviving trustee to write down the properties of Sir Bank Anthony’s estate, resulting in non-payment of beneficiaries for about 30 years, despite the fact that Sir Bank Anthony left about 48 properties, as stated in his will.

“Sir Bank’s Estate is now enforcing the law and we want everyone to know about our legal team, our investigations team, our administrative team, our field team and our development team, to name a few. We are all ready to enforce the law in any properties, registrars and/or banks that think they are going to confront us. Anyone who wants to go to jail should feel free,” she warned.

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