BRIDGE 1 & 2: € 48.7 million granted to 83,141 beneficiaries in November

The Ministry of Finance continues to provide financial support to households and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this context, on November 29:

In the thirteenth phase of payments of the State subsidy of the “BRIDGE 1” program, which concerns 1st residence loans and

In the fifth phase of the state subsidy payments of the program “BRIDGE 2”, which concerns loans to businesses.

Payments under the “BRIDGE 1” program at the end of November amounted to a total of 15.9 million euros and correspond to the subsidy of 151,625 first housing loans and 1 beneficiaries.

It should be noted that the beneficiaries for whom the 9 month grant has ended, continue to benefit from the grant extension for another 3 months and thus, in total, will be subsidized for 12 months.

Recipients for whom the 9-month grant has not ended, will receive an additional 3-month grant, after the end of their 9-month period.

Taking into account the twelve previous payment phases, from November – December 2020 and January – October 2021, the total amount of the State subsidy paid, to date, amounts to 234.6 million euros at 75,666 beneficiaries.

Regarding the “BRIDGE 2” program, the payments amount to a total of 32.8 million euros and correspond to the subsidy of 17,511 loans and 9,908 beneficiaries, who are self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises which have proved to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. their turnover will be reduced by at least 20% in 2020, compared to 2019.

Including the four previous disbursement phases, from July to October 2021, the total amount of the state subsidy disbursed to date amounts to 212.6 million euros to 10,470 beneficiaries.

It is recalled that beneficiaries who have non-performing loans can arrange them in cooperation with their creditors, no later than 12/31/2021, according to the 3-month extension established by law 4842/2021. Then the grant will start for 8 months.

By adding the payments from the two programs, the total amount of the State subsidy that has been paid to date amounts to 447.2 million euros for a total of 86,136 beneficiaries.

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