Cabinet: no objection if the heir to the throne contracts a same-sex marriage


The Cabinet sees nothing reprehensible in the event that an heir to the throne wishes to marry a person of the same sex, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday in response to parliamentary questions. He also does not want to take a position on the order of succession to the throne if children are born from same-sex marriage.

“The Cabinet believes that the heir can also marry a person of the same sex, and sees no obstacle in a law allowing an heir to marry a person of the same sex. Therefore, the Cabinet does not believe that an heir presumptive, or a monarch, should have to relinquish the throne if he wishes to marry a same-sex partner, ”Rutte wrote.

It will be up to a future Cabinet and the Houses of Parliament to soon consider the “legal status” of heirs to the throne when examining children born in same-sex marriage. Rutte said there is currently no need to speculate on such a situation regarding the estate, as the facts and circumstances of such a specific case “may also change over time.”

Wim Kok was prime minister in 2000 when he answered parliamentary questions to say that members of the royal family who want to ascend the throne are not allowed to marry a person of the same sex. This is not possible for them because of the royal line, Kok said at the time. This was just before the Netherlands legally allowed civil marriage with people of the same sex. The first marriages between women and between men were celebrated on April 1, 2001 in Amsterdam. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to allow same-sex marriages.

The last parliamentary questions were asked in response to a book on Princess Amalia, who will turn 18 later this year, in which a hypothesis was presented suggesting that she might have to relinquish the throne if she wanted to marry a woman.

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