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By Milly Contreras

Chiquis Rivera recently silenced critics who believe she has benefited from her mother Jenni Rivera’s legacy.

According to TVNotas, the young singer claimed that she was not included in her mother’s will, which divided 300 million among her children.

“All the money goes to my siblings. The children need to eat,” said Chiquis Rivera. “Johnny is 14 years old. For this reason, I cannot say that his money goes to the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation.”

Beyond the legacy of her siblings, Chiquis Rivera revealed that her mother made sure the money was divided fairly, explaining that her aunt Rosie Rivera also got a haircut.

“[Rosie] receives a salary. My mother was very smart. In his will, children can only receive his money at 25 years old. They receive a percentage at that age, then at 30 and finally at 35. After that, they do not receive anything else, ”she explained.

When asked for specific details about her mother’s fortune and what she left behind, Chiquis Rivera revealed she isn’t worried about it.

“I don’t know. I don’t get involved in this. I feel really good. I feel I have a gift and a great blessing which is the love and support of the audience,” he said. she adds.

Rosie Rivera is responsible for managing the estate and fortune of Jenni Rivera. She reportedly received a share of the proceeds from projects related to Jenni Rivera, such as the recent book “Jenni Vive”, which gave fans a glimpse into the personal life of the iconic star through a series of photos, letters and d ‘journal entries.

The book was seen as a gift and message to “La Diva de la Banda” fans, and it included direct quotes and inspirational messages from the star to her fans, according to LA Weekly.

“If I had the opportunity to speak to a young immigrant who has just arrived in the United States, my advice would be: ask, speak and seek, because there are opportunities here,” said Jenni. Rivera in the book. “And remember that you are not the only immigrant, nor the last to come to this country. Many of those who came before you have succeeded. It is possible!”

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