Crusader Kings 3: How to Disinherit or Kill Your Heir

How to get rid of an unwanted heir in Crusader Kings 3? In Crusader Kings 3, no one is immortal, which means producing and training an eligible heir is an important part of building a lasting dynasty. Of course, this method of hereditary rule doesn’t necessarily guarantee a capable, or even sympathetic, successor from the perspective of a player who’s about to step into his shoes for many hours of play.

Yeah, that’s not a great look. Listen to me though. Sometimes your heir is just destined to be a trash ruler and you have to put him out of the way. With the medieval laws of CK3, you’re bound to pass down your hard work to your descendants and even play as that useless little kid if you’re unlucky. Wouldn’t it be nice then, if you could kill your offspring to make way for a more suitable leader? Look, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So here’s how to disinherit or, yes, even kill your character’s child in Crusader Kings 3.

How to Disinherit Your Child in Crusader Kings 3

So let’s not rush too much. Perhaps we can resolve any dynastic or diplomatic issues you have together without bloodshed!

If you are the head of the dynasty, you can disinherit all your heirs except one, which will often be a powerful ability if you have a succession of partitions. Partition succession divides your inheritance between your children, so kicking them all out besides your heir player will ensure you specifically retain control of your entire kingdom.

Of course, this will annoy them a lot and cost you a lot of fame and prestige. Here’s how to disinherit one of your children:

  1. Access your character’s menu by clicking on yourself at the bottom left of the screen
  2. Right click on the child you want to disinherit
  3. Go to the ‘hostile’ sub – you may need to click the ‘more’ option to see all the choices
  4. Select “Disinherit” and your heir will be removed from your will

You can also do this with other family members if you are a dynasty leader, including siblings. Of course, it’s not universal and under some inheritance laws you won’t be able to just choose your favorite family member and go from there. It is a special privilege held only by dynasty heads.

How to Kill Your Heirs and Children in Crusader Kings 3

So how else can you, uh, settle your inheritance?

Its good. People were doing all sorts of things in 1066. It’s a last resort, but there are a few ways to get rid of your own heirs and children.

Get the sadistic trait

While you have the freedom to create your own starting rule, for dynasty-headed characters born into the game, traits are unfortunately a matter of chance. But if your character has the “sadistic” trait as one of his three personality traits, you can engage in hostile schemes towards your own children. The trait also gives you additional Terror, Intrigue, and Prowess.

The real treat is that you can plot to murder your own child! The trait is denoted by a whip icon, and to commit the murder, all you have to do is right-click on his face and select the “Murder (Scheme)” option under the “hostile” subtitle “. It really is that simple. Of course, you’ll have to go through the normal process to pull off a scheme, like having co-conspirators and convincing them to join you. This can be done in the Plot tab (F6) by selecting “Invite” just below the child’s portrait.

Once you have everything sorted, congratulations! You killed your own child!

Endanger the heir

Maybe you’re not sadistic. Maybe you just think it’s a little ruthless to directly murder your own offspring. Well, fair enough. How about the loose method where you’re not strictly guilty?

Your heirs can die in battle if they are eligible to become knights. This is slightly limiting, as most cultures only allow adult males to become knights; but thanks to that same patriarchal way of thinking, it’s the heir demographic you’ll most often try to suppress anyway.

Go to your Military tab (F3) and select “force” on the heir you want to send into battle. If you don’t want to harm your really useful courtiers and knights, click “Disallow”, because you will waste a lot of lives with this method.

Declare war on an enemy strong enough to beat a small army in battle, but weak enough not to completely crush you and ruin your economy. Then raise a small army with just the knight you want to die forced to participate. To do this, select a rally point (the small colored flag next to a settlement) and choose “Raise local army”. It will give you some mini strength to fight your enemy. Yes, we waste a hundred lives to get rid of it, are you happy?

March army into battle and lose. To remember, this is not a guaranteed method. Your heir could be so useless that they can’t even die well and could just end up injured, maimed, or imprisoned, so be careful with this strategy.

If you really want to win battles check out our page on how to raise and replenish levies in CK3, but for your purposes here you’ll be fine without a decent army.

Use console commands

You can also use console commands to remove the relationship between you and your loved ones. This will disable achievements and it’s basically cheating, but if you’re really desperate, go for it.

It’s a bit complicated, but you can open the game in debug mode and enter the following console command: remove_relation. Follow that with a space, then the relationship ID characters you want to remove. For example, to remove a ‘child’ relationship from a character, type ‘remove_relation child (character ID)’. The character ID can be found by hovering over a character with debug mode enabled. If only one character ID is used in the console command, it will default to your player character’s relationship to the target ID.

After they magically stop being your child, you can do anything. At this point they are, of course, out of the line of succession, so you need to murder them more. But hey, if they pissed you off so much…

That’s it for our light and airy guide on how to kill your kids in Crusader Kings 3! Or disinherit them, I suppose. Check out our CK3 Beginner’s Guide for some basic information you’ll need to start your adventure. Or check out our guide to the best starting rulers in CK3 to set up your dynasty with a strong opening act that hopefully won’t produce a bunch of heirs you feel a burning need to take down.

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