Dagupan City targets 50,000 beneficiaries for implementation of KonSulTa program – Manila Bulletin

DAGUPAN CITY – This city aims to include 50,000 beneficiaries for the KonSulTa program which it will soon start implementing.

KonSulTa or KONsultasyon SULit in Tama, is a program that aims to strengthen preventive care among all Filipinos and serves as a transition phase or “gateway” to full outpatient delivery as required by the Universal Health Care Act (CSU).

Mayor Belen Fernandez highlighted his desire to target 50,000 beneficiaries for the Konsulta program, including indigent Dagupeños.

According to the mayor, she met with leaders of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) Region 1 on Monday August 8 to discuss the implementation of the KonSulTa program in the city of Dagupan.

Dagupan City is the first local government unit in Region 1 to implement the Konsulta program following its status as a UHC implementation site.

KonSulTa also aims to ensure that all Filipinos have equitable access to affordable, quality healthcare goods and services that are protected from financial risk.

The Dagupan City Health Unit (CHO) located in Herrero-Perez barangay is the first health department accredited primary care facility in Region 1 and is also the accredited Konsulta provider in the region. Among the initial target beneficiaries, Mayor Fernandez said the program would include indigent Dagupeños and their dependents, seniors, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, homosexuals, intersex and asexuals, people with disabilities and single parents, among others.

Those wishing to benefit from Konsulta services, Dagupeños and residents of other cities and municipalities are encouraged to register first with the CHO or an accredited Konsulta provider.

Beneficiaries will then update their health profile, undergo health check-ups and/or laboratory and diagnostic tests and receive medications prescribed by the doctor.

Philhealth Circular 2022-0005 outlines guidelines for implementing the Philhealth Konsulta package to expand primary care delivery to all Filipinos.



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