Did James inherit the money from George Michael? “Vanderpump Rules” star was close to his godfather


Everyone in Hollywood knows someone famous – that’s exactly what happens when you’re in a city that makes fame its number one export. James Kennedy may have known Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd from childhood, but they aren’t even the biggest names in his extensive “family” tree. It turns out that he is also the godson of the late singer George Michael. Did James inherit the money from George Michael? He spoke a little about the death of his godfather Vanderpump rulemeeting of s.

Knowing George Michael was not a random thing for James – according to Bravo, James’ father, Andros Georgiou, grew up in Cyprus with George Michael, because their fathers were friends, and when Michael became the Wham! the star he was known by in the 1980s, Georgiou was there with him. He directed Michael and started a label with him. Michael was the godfather of Georgiou’s three boys – James being one, his younger brothers the other two – and so James grew up with musical royalty going to his, I don’t know, football matches and plays. theater at school and all that. According to Bravo, Michael even helped give James his first bath, so if it’s not family what is it? Sadly, Georgiou and Michael got into a fight in 1998 after Michael was arrested for “engaging in an obscene act in a public restroom at Will Rogers Park in Beverly Hills,” and their relationship was not quite the same after that.

That said, on the second episode of the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Andy Cohen told James that he had heard about Michael leaving all his fortune to his godchildren (Michael had no children of his own), and James said that he couldn’t comment because he didn’t know. It was not some sort of “I can’t talk about it” comment but rather a “I have no idea what the outcome will be” commentary. James is really not to have any news on this, because in December 2017, James said on Watch what is happening live, “Yeah I heard about it. Honestly, I haven’t been told anything so far, so it’s just tabloids talking about the usual stuff. I guess James will have to wait and see what happens.

James has fond memories of Michael. “He obviously sculpted my life in a way that he touched a lot of people in his music,” James told Andy Cohen on WWHL. “He was a family member and he was there when we were growing up, so it was two sides, I guess. His music changed the world, but he was also just a normal beautiful person at home. death. “[It was a] very sad moment. In fact, my dad recently came back to London so I was going to visit him and knock on George’s door on New Years, but a week later on Christmas obviously [we] heard the news, and it was heartbreaking, ”James said on Watch what is happening live. “I still had to go out to England and pretty much spend time with my dad and just talk, and it was a crazy, crazy time.”

It’s probably heartwarming to James that he was able to be there for his father at such a crazy time – between The divorce of James’s parents and James’ father’s childhood best friend has passed away, it hasn’t been the best of times for his family. Sometimes these legacy things take a long time to figure out, but while it’s true that James and his brothers are the heirs to Michael’s estate, it shows that even though Michael and Georgiou didn’t get along, Michael did. still put children his life first.

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