Disney heir responds to parental rights in Education Act, says ‘this right-wing ‘anti-revival’ nonsense is not supported by a vast majority of Americans’

In light of the recent focus on Governor Ron DeSantis signing the Parental Rights in Education Act into law and Disney’s subsequent vow to have it “repealed by the legislature or struck down by the courts,” heir of the House of Mouse Abigail Disney pushed back against those who support Florida’s recent legal moves, saying “this right-wing ‘anti-woke’ nonsense is not supported by a large majority of Americans.”

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Officiating the passage of the law on March 28, DeSantis explained that the Parental Rights in Education Act “ensures that parents can send their children to kindergarten without gender ideology being injected into the teaching and they will be informed and have the right to refuse health services offered in schools.”

“The bill has three main stages,” he explained. “First, the bill prohibits classroom teaching about sexuality or things like transgender in grades K-3. And after the third grade, those programs must be age-appropriate.

“Second, the bill ensures that at the start of each school year, parents will be informed of health services offered at school with the right to refuse any service offered,” he continued. “And finally, this bill ensures that whenever a questionnaire or health screening is given to our young students, the parents receive it first and authorize the school to give it to their child.”

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Highlighting freelance journalist Chris Rufo’s recent campaign to shine a light on Disney’s critical tendencies based on race and social justice, Disney took to Twitter on April 1 to voice his thoughts: “Like all radical ideologues, the right is finally unleashed and manages to devour the hand that feeds it. Business.”

“For my part, I am delighted,” she added. “It’s the corporate world that, by act or omission, fed the opportunistic right to distract us with culture war nonsense while they rummaged through the coffers and emptied everyone’s pockets.”

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Disney then said, “This right-wing ‘anti-revival’ nonsense is not supported by a large majority of Americans. In fact, most Americans are offended by it and wish it were gone.”

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“You need two things to govern with a minority,” she continued. “First of all, you have to be constantly on the lookout for fresh meat to throw at minions, to piss them off all the time. It works until the herd thins out (remember Scar in Lion King?). So now they’ve come for American business.

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“It was really only a matter of time,” she noted. “The second thing you need to govern with a minority is money, lots of money. You need very deep pockets to fund you, yes, and if they don’t, you need them to sit quietly on the sidelines, out of the way.

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Expanding on this point, Disney said: “So far companies have been content to do just that. Or they compartmentalized like sociopaths when they funded people like Dennis Baxley who wrote the hateful Don’t Say Gay bill because, as the CEO claimed, he had no way of knowing that he could vote for a law like that.

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“HAH,” she scoffed. “Or else they chose silence. Their silence brought us Donald Trump. Apparently, racism, xenophobia and misogyny were not decisive factors. Their silence, or at least their willingness to compartmentalize when it came to politicians ready to fight.

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Disney then posited that “Their outrageous, decades-long campaign to stack the deck against the American people has brought us this whole slew of Trump nominees who are now looking for new and more insidious ways to tear the country apart.”

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“While now that the right and the business agenda might actually show signs of separating, perhaps we could see the powerful lobbies of different industries questioning which side was really interested in supporting their interests,” he said. she declared.

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“Perhaps we will see the lobbies lose faith in the devilish partnership they have relied on so heavily to date to deal with their subsidies, their tax breaks, their disregard for the law and the regulations,” Disney speculated. “Maybe the right has finally bitten the hand that has been feeding it superfoods for the past few decades.”

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“It’s a monster of the creation of American companies,” she further accused. “So far, they’ve managed to dodge the worst by feigning ‘neutrality’ – even when decent human beings are being actively harmed by right-wing activism.”

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As such, Disney said, “The only thing that will work for businesses now if they are to emerge in one piece is to champion authenticity, generosity, joy and decency.”

“These things are cryptonite [sic] for the right-wing agenda,” she wrote. “So the cure for that is not difficult. And it also happens to be the heart and soul of the Disney brand.

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Disney then told its followers, “Disney has everything it needs to fight this menace, if only it has the courage to stand up to the slingshots, arrows, threats and name calling.”

“If only leadership checks first principles,” she concluded. “If only they showed us that as a company that trades on [the] American Right now, when it matters most, they will uphold those values ​​with every fiber of their being.

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Returning to Rufo, Disney finally argued, “Yeah, guys like Rufo can try, but Disney is so much bigger, means so much more to the American people than this little punk can ever hope to mean.”

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