Eligible recipients hail Delhi government’s initiative to provide free COVID-19 precautionary doses

Delhi has started providing free preventive doses of COVID-19 to beneficiaries aged 18 to 59 at government vaccination centres. The beneficiaries welcomed the government’s approach and appealed to the people.

Saurav, a beneficiary, said: “This is a good initiative by the government. It will encourage people to get vaccinated. I call on everyone to use it and get their precautionary doses as soon as possible so that themselves and those around them are safe and protected.” Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of the LNJP, said: “This is a very important step and we welcome this decision because we have believed for so long that if the precautionary dose which is the third dose is given to people, the level Immunity or protection will last much longer Usually the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases after a while Antibodies last for 8 to 9 months.

“The precautionary dose will be protective because it will be given 39 weeks after the 2nd dose. So if a new strain of covid arises, we will all be protected from it and most of the population will receive this precautionary dose for free. So, c “Is a welcome step. We welcome this government decision. All eligible beneficiaries aged over 18 up to 59 will receive free precautionary doses,” he added. of Delhi to impose fines on people who do not wear masks in public places, Kumar said: “The positivity rate in Delhi is between 4-5.5% and cases have been increasing rapidly for the past 2-3 days. because a lot of people have become careless, people are going out, the markets are open, the metro is running at full capacity and with that schools and colleges are also running at full capacity.

“So you have to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Even if you have received both doses, the mask is still necessary and that’s how you can protect yourself. The new covid mutations that are coming will increase the spread of the virus. infection. The measure of imposing 500 rupees as a fine on people who will not wear a mask in public places is a good measure. This will maintain discipline among people,” he added. Speaking about the situation at the LNJP , Kumar added, “13 COVID-19 patients are admitted to the LNJP hospital, including 2 children. Most of the patients are stable. The positivity rate is surely increasing, but the number of hospitalizations is still lower. 99 % of beds are still vacant. We have reserved 250 beds for covid. We are fully prepared in case of an increase in the number of cases.”

Mukesh, another beneficiary, said, “It’s a good measure. People who can’t afford the precautionary dose will be able to get it. People should use it.” Shivpal Singh, another beneficiary of LNJP Hospital, said: “This is a good move by the Delhi government. The government should think of its citizens and what they have done is a good move. Everything everyone should get their booster doses and I’m calling on everyone to take their doses.”

Another beneficiary said: “It’s a great initiative. We also got our doses from here and it’s good that they are given for free.” (ANI)

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