Ex-Jets HC Todd Bowles is the heir apparent to replace Bruce Arians with Bucs



Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians and Tom Brady talk pre-game ahead of an NFL competition.

Let’s be honest, things didn’t work out for Todd Bowles as head coach of the New York Jets.

After being hired in 2015, he found immediate success taking Gang Green to a single NFL playoff game with a 10-6 record.

Unfortunately, that was just a tease, as his next three seasons all featured double-digit losses. He finished with a disappointing 24-40 coaching record and was relieved of his role as big boss.

Since then he has rebuilt himself as one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL and has garnered a lot of interest as a potential retread name.

While there is a job to watch very closely, it can be too tempting to pass it up.

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A fascinating proposition

According to Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report, “The Bucs would like Todd Bowles to take over as the next head coach, but head coach Bruce Arians has two more years on his contract.”

Arians is 69 and enjoyed a brief retirement in 2017, but was coaxed by the Buccaneers. In only his second season, he won the Super Bowl with Tom Brady and quickly turned into one of the most besieged franchises of the past 15 years.

There is no doubt that Arians is fully aware of the situation he finds himself in with the greatest quarterback of all time on his roster. As long as he has Brady, BA has a good chance of continuing to win championships, which is all the motivation he needs to continue his career in the NFL.

This puts his assistant and good friend Bowles in a difficult position, does he keep waiting for a job that might never come? Or is he catching the forbidden fruit that’s in front of him right now that could lead to a head coach job this offseason?

Bowles has to be careful because you are unlikely to be a head coach in the NFL. If he takes one of those other jobs and fails, he may never get the chance to be a head coach again.

It is important for him to be extremely picky about where he is potentially going, with this thought in mind.

Options are always a good thing

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Bowles is the popular kid at school everyone wants to invite to prom.

He could choose to stay in Tampa and play the long game, but it might prove too tempting to return as head coach as soon as possible.

Two potential opportunities have already presented themselves in the form of the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As the Jaguars come out of an epic disaster with Urban Meyer, this job is sexy. Owner Shad Khan has been incredibly patient (the last two coaches before Meyer each turned four), which leaves plenty of time to turn things around.

Although the most prized gem and most attractive asset is former General Pick No.1 Trevor Lawrence. He’s been billed as one of the quarterback’s best prospects since Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning’s territory, which must be enticing.

While things haven’t gone as smoothly as people would have hoped during his rookie season, T-Law is still incredibly talented and the coaches would do anything to get their hands on this talented piece of clay.

It’s another hugely attractive opportunity for the former Jets head coach. According to NFL insider, Benjamin Allbright owner Mark Davis really like Bowles too.

You would have an established quarterback at Derek Carr, a brand new stadium, and of course, you would coach one of the most historic football teams in NFL history.

Either way, you slice it up, times have changed for Bowles. After being ousted by the Jets, he is now in a fantastic position. The 58-year-old coach can stay with the Bucs and go on to win championships or he can decide to dive back into the waters of the head coach.

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