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There is already a date set for the delivery of the 2022 food voucher. From next September, the government will begin the distribution of this economic subsidy of 270 soles, intended for the most vulnerable people in the country, as announced by Julio Demartini Montes, director general of the design and articulation of social benefits of the Ministry of Development and Social Affairs. Inclusive (Noon).

In the next note TRADE We tell you everything we know to date about this long-awaited economic subsidy which aims to mitigate the rise in prices of products in the basic family basket:

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The Midis spokesperson explained to this media that the delivery will be in two parts. The first started this Monday, August 15, with the delivery of an extraordinary subsidy, in addition to the one they already receive, for the beneficiaries of the Juntos, Pension 65 and Contigo programs.

Each of these users, according to his program, will receive an allowance, in addition to the one he already receives, of 200, 250 and 300 soles, respectively.“, he detailed. then it will come a second stage with the meal ticket.

“For the second tranche, which we could call a food bonus as such, we have 30 days to pay [esta ley]which will take place at the end of this month, and therefore From September, the second tranche of beneficiaries would already receive this food bonus, which will be 270 soles,” he said.

This will be granted to those selected on the basis of the targeting criteria published by Les Midis. The official clarified that in both tranches, the grant will be paid “for this once only”.

The spokesperson said that with the experience of the Yanapay bonus, which has reached 14 million people nationwide, an important strategic ally for the delivery of this bonus will be the Bank of the Nationin its various forms, joined by private financial entities.

When asked if it would be necessary to have a bank account, the official replied that one of the modalities already activated with the Banco de la Nación is the DNI account. “Each beneficiary with a DNI will already have this system active to be able to collect“, said.

He added that there are other mechanisms activated for the beneficiaries of social programs such as payment offices, payment counters and Banco de la Nación agents.

In the first component, which is aimed at social programs, there are on average 600,000 beneficiaries of the Together and With You programs, who receive it individually. Similarly, there are over 600,000 households in the Together program.

And in the second section, with the food voucher as such, “we will reach more than 6 million people across the country individually”.

Demartini also pointed out that efforts are being made to prevent people who do not meet the vulnerability requirements from appearing on the beneficiary list.

As the governing body of social policy, which has a lot to do with targeting, we are further refining the strategies that allow us to reach those that this subsidy or monetary support should really reach“, he said.

To do this, he mentioned that they have worked on cross-referencing information with Reniec, Sunat, the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance, and in addition “with the intersection of private sector payrolls managed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion”.

He added that with the targeting data managed by the Midis, the register will be improved and refined to reach a higher percentage of people who really need it. “We will continue to monitor and supervise so that we can correct any margin of error that may arise.“, he assured.

As is known, last Saturday, July 30, Law No. 31538 was published in “El Peruano”, which approved additional appropriations for the financing of expenses related to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the recovery economic, etc. expenditures of national government entities, regional governments and local governments.

In this context, the so-called food premium is granted, with an investment of 2 billion soles.

Interview with Juan Carlos Celis, Head of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Regional Hospital of Loreto.

Food bonus of 270 soles | Beneficiaries of the Food Bonus 2022: how to receive it and from when | Bonds 2022 | Peru Bonds | NMRI EMCC | ECONOMY
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Food bonus of 270 soles | Beneficiaries of the Food Bonus 2022: how to receive it and from when | Bonds 2022 | Peru Bonds | NMRI EMCC | ECONOMY
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Food bonus of 270 soles | Beneficiaries of the Food Bonus 2022: how to receive it and from when | Bonds 2022 | Peru Bonds | NMRI EMCC | ECONOMY
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