FRA beneficiaries: making the list public

What is the Suo Moto Disclosure?

According to Article 4, each public authority must maintain duly cataloged and indexed registers to facilitate the right to information. This includes scanning all relevant documents and connecting them through a national network to allow access. The section indicates that public authorities will provide information to the public at regular intervals via the Internet and other means of communication.

The Central RTI Act of 2005 has been in force in Jammu and Kashmir since October 31, 2019, but the government has not made it operational here, especially not the voluntary disclosure clause. After the repeal of Section 370, the Jammu and Kashmir State Information Commission (SIC) was closed down and the RTI Act 2005 replaced the Jammu and Kashmir RTI Act 2009 . Ironically, the 2005 law does not provide for any state information board in any union territory. . Now that Jammu and Kashmir is reduced to a union territory, it has been bludgeoned with the Central Information Commission. Now, for over a year, our second appeals haven’t even been listed for a hearing. Under the 2009 RTI Act that applied to the state, the State Information Commission was legally required to adjudicate appeals within 60 to 120 days. This provision is not available in the 2005 RTI law.

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