Ghana: GII wants state agencies to expose Achimota Forest beneficiaries

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has called on state agencies to investigate and expose people who have allocated portions of Achimota Forest to themselves.

He noted that the forest reserve had a significant impact on citizens and “if individuals have already been allocated plots of land in the forest and the government says that is not the case, we should all be concerned. and know under what law we have decided to dispose of the land”.

The GII said there are many state agencies with a mandate to ensure that they dispel the doubts of Ghanaians and look into the matter, not just for the late Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie known as name of Sir John, but for people who have not the interest of the country at heart, but have decided to seize the lands of the State, especially the forest of Achimota.

Samuel Abu Jinapor, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, had said that the Achimota lands mentioned in the last will of the late Mr. Afriyie, the former Director General of the Forestry Commission would not be given to the beneficiaries and ordered the Land and Forestry Commission to deem any ownership of land, both in the Achimota Forest and the Sakumono Ramsar Site by the late Mr. Afriyie, void.

He said the land would continue to be state property despite the will being challenged in court and reiterated that details of the land acquisition could not be found at the Land Commission.

“Further checks with the Lands and Forestry Commissions, the custodians of the land records in question, show no record of ownership of the Achimota Forest land or the Sakumono Ramsar Site, by the late Mr Afriyie,” Mr. Jinapor noted.

In an earlier statement released by the Department of Lands and Natural Resources, he said he had taken the allegations seriously and had requested all documents relating to the lands in question, as part of an initial investigation to verify the veracity of the claims.

He said that, given that the issues underlying the allegations predate the current mandate, it was important to give him all the facts to allow him to take appropriate action, if indeed the allegations were founded. .

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