Huawei “heir” Meng Wanzhou freed after years of tensions between China, US and Canada


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Photo of Meng leaving his home in Vancouver on Friday.

Huawei’s “successor” is now free.

After nearly three years of house arrest in Canada, Huawei’s chief financial officer – and the daughter of the founder of a Chinese tech company – was released and traveled to China after diplomatic tensions over her case.

Meng Wanjo was arrested on charges of fraud upon arriving in Canada at the behest of the United States in December 2018, and he and US officials were briefed on Friday. They reached an agreement to stay the legal proceedings for fraud against him.

The US Department of Justice has withdrawn the extradition request against him, although he said he is still preparing for a lawsuit against Hawaii. Business block list.

The United States has accused Meng of misleading HSBC bank about the true nature of Huawei’s relationship with Skycom, putting the bank at risk of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.

The release of Meng, 49, comes following public approval of the charges by the administrator.

“By accepting the judicial adjournment agreement, Ms. Meng accepts responsibility for the scheme to defraud the global financial institution,” lawyer Nicole Pokemon said. Refers to HSBC.

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Meng Wancho (c) left the Supreme Court of British Columbia

“My life over the past three years radically changedMeng told reporters after learning of his release.

“Every cloud has a ray of light,” he continued. “I will never forget all the good greetings I have received from people all over the world.”

The case of the senior manager Close relationships Between the two largest economies in the world and Canada.

Shortly after Meng’s release and his departure from Canada, Justin Trudeau’s government announced that the two Canadians arrested in China would be released and would return to their countries of origin.

Former diplomat Michael Gowrick and businessman Michael Spover have been jailed in an Asian country since 2018, and the process against them has been seen as retaliation from Beijing for what happened to Meng. The Chinese government has always refused.

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Portrait of Meng Wanjo presented in Canadian court after his arrest.

Charges against Huawei

It’s Meng Eldest daughter of billionaire Ren Zhengfei, Founder of Huawei in 1987 and made it one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Huawei faces allegations that Chinese officials could use its equipment to spy, which Beijing has denied.

In 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei and placed it on the export block list, excluding it from key technologies.

The UK, Sweden, Australia and Japan have also banned the use of Huawei’s technology, while other countries including France and India have taken steps to reduce the ban. total.

Days after Meng’s 2018 arrest, China detained Canadian citizens Michael Spover and Michael Gowrick on suspicion of espionage.

In Canada, they accused China of treating itself Political negotiation, Using them as part of what’s called “hostage diplomacy” is something Beijing has also denied.

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Michael Spover and Michael Gowrick have been in prison since 2018.

Last month, a Chinese court sentenced Michael Spaur to 11 years in prison.

Canada rejected the conviction, saying the businessman’s trial fell short of even minimum standards of international law.

At a press conference on Friday, the Prime Minister of Canada said the two men had separated “Incredibly difficult test. “

“Everyone has good news that they have returned to their families,” he added. “Over the past 1,000 days, they have shown strength, persistence, resilience and gentleness. ”

Gowrik is a former diplomat hired by the Brussels-based think tank International Crisis Group.

Spawner is a founding member of an organization that facilitates international trade and cultural relations with North Korea.

Low profile

Like many senior Huawei executives, Until his arrest Meng Wancho Carry on Low public profile.

However, the most intimate details of her life were revealed in court following her case.

In less than two decades, Meng has gone from answering the phone to managing the funds of the second largest cellphone maker in the world.

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Meng Wancho was arrested on December 1, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.

He started his career as a receptionist in 1993 and joined Huawei in 1999 after earning a master’s degree in accounting from Huanzhong University of Science and Technology. Rose to become China’s largest private company.

Once in the finance department, he was appointed CFO of the company in 2011 and was promoted to vice-president a few months before his arrest.

The promotion sparked speculation that Meng was developing Wangzhou to run the business.

In 2018, Forbes magazine ranked its 12th most powerful female executive in China.

Last name change

Until shortly before his arrest, his contact with his father and Huawei founder Ren Zhangfei was unknown.

At 16, in a very unusual way in Chinese tradition, Meng Wanshu He adopted his mother’s last name, Meng Jun, Renin’s first wife.

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Meng Whanzhou and her husband released two houses in Vancouver on bail.

Chinese executives working overseas often adopt a Western name for their overseas operations, hence Meng Wancho, also known as Sabrina Meng and Kathy Meng.

Meng, who has four children and has been married twice, testified in court that he was a Canadian resident until he returned to China in 2009.

Her two children attended school in Vancouver between 2009 and 2012 Her husband was studying for a master’s degree In this city.

Confessions explained that Meng will spend “several weeks, sometimes months” in Vancouver during the summer after graduation.

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