I will be Margaret Thatcher’s heir

When the pandemic hit, the global economy froze and the prospect of an economic Armageddon in our country loomed. Within days, I designed the furlough scheme, provided businesses with the financial support they needed to survive, and protected millions of jobs to ensure that – despite our country’s lockdown for months at a stretch – it We were left with a saving at the end.

As cost of living pressures mounted, I responded with a bold package by slashing everyone’s energy bills by £400 in October and putting in place additional, more targeted support for the most vulnerable Of our society.

I know how to get results in government. I deliver.

And if I had the privilege of becoming Prime Minister, I would propose a set of reforms as sweeping as those Margaret Thatcher carried out in the 1980s to unleash growth and prosperity in every corner of the UK. And besides being the best candidate to deliver a 21st century Thatcherite reform package, all the evidence points to me being the best candidate to win the next election.

And we have to win the next election, because any other outcome would threaten Brexit; our country’s treasured Union, with Nicola Sturgeon wringing a second independence referendum from Keir Starmer; and cause economic havoc, with Labour’s irresponsible management of the economy.

As in 1940 and 1979, our country needs the Conservative Party more than ever. I will deliver the sweeping set of Thatcherite reforms that will spark growth and strengthen our society and our culture. I am the candidate who will bring about these reforms. And I am the candidate who will protect them and protect our labor country by winning the next election.

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