MP: money withdrawn using fake death certificates from 23 beneficiaries of the government plan; ordered probe


The Madhya Pradesh government ordered an investigation after money was allegedly withdrawn as part of a public program for construction workers using fake death certificates of at least 23 villagers in Chhindwara district, a said Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel. “The government took seriously the case in which the death certificates of 23 people, who are still alive, were issued in the village of Bohnakhedi in Chhindwara and money was withdrawn on their behalf as part of the of a ploy, “Patel said in a statement.

Patel, who is the minister in charge of Chhindwara, said the district administration was tasked with registering FIRs against offending employees and others after conducting an investigation.

“This is a serious question. I have asked the district collector to investigate all these cases throughout the district and take action against those involved,” he said.

Citing news reports, officials said that an amount of Rs two lakh each was withdrawn using fake death certificates of 23 people in the village of Bohnakhedi under building regulations and other workers of the construction (regulation of employment and conditions of service). All of these people would be alive. In the event of normal death, an ex gratia of Rs deux lakh is paid to dependents of the construction worker who died under these rules.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Atul Singh said that a tehsildar (official from the revenue department) was investigating and action would be taken if an official from Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat was involved. Janpad Panchayat CEO CL Maravi said: “This matter has been brought to my attention. He is under investigation. If someone is found guilty after investigation, strict action will be taken against them. Vinod Pal, one of the beneficiaries of the program, said he was still alive, but learned that Rs two lakh had been withdrawn in his name through his “death” certificate. According to officials, a total of 106 death certificates have been issued over the past two years in the village of Bonakhedi with a population of 2,800.

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