OPM plans free university in Nigeria…as 15 scholarship recipients leave for Cyprus

The Omega Power Ministries (OPM) will soon have its own university in Nigeria which would be free for all Nigerians.
It was even then that the general overseer of the church, Apostle Chinyere Gift Chibuzor, offered a scholarship to 15 other young people to study at the prestigious final university in Cyprus, as part of the celebration of its 49th birthday.
The beneficiaries, visibly delighted, left Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, accompanied by the general overseer on Monday.
Speaking to reporters at the airport before the beneficiaries left, Chibuzor said it became necessary for OPM to have its own tuition-free university due to the high cost of sponsoring church scholarship beneficiaries. in foreign countries.
He said that as soon as the new university is put into operation, the OPM will no longer send young people abroad to study, lamenting that the sponsorship of people abroad through a scholarship has today a heavy financial toll on the church due to the high naira exchange rate, amid other global challenges.
Chibuzor revealed that the airfare for one of the scholarship recipients, which was just over 500,000 naira six months ago, has now risen to 1.7 million naira, saying that despite in apparent setback, the church maintained its foreign college scholarship program. for over 10 years now.
He noted that taking the 15 scholarship recipients to Cyprus this time was his birthday present to the world, and urged the recipients to always focus on their studies and not be distracted by beautiful worldly things and pleasures abroad in order to help others on their degree.
The General Overseer further implied that the church had, through tithes and offerings, already paid for the tuition and accommodation of 80 beneficiaries, adding that the 15 were the first batch, as other lots would soon follow, and recalled that 84 OPM scholarship recipients were already studying at Cyrus.
Among the beneficiaries were three young ladies who had previously been sent to Dubai by the church to train as nurses for a brief period, but were struggling due to the seemingly frosty relationship between the federal government and the UAE. .
The trio, who recounted their ordeal, said they were brought back to Nigeria by the General Overseer who offered them another opportunity to complete their nursing programs in Cyprus for four years like the other beneficiaries.
More pathetic is the story of another beneficiary, Mr. Godswill Chibuzor Uchendu, who had an accident a few years ago which broke his leg.
Uchendu said he was rescued by the OPM when he was abandoned by society and only made a living by carrying blocks.
The young man said in an interview that Apostle Chibuzor not only provided him with an artificial leg and a walking aid, but also offered him a plot of land in Port Harcourt and deemed him worthy of being part of it. of those who went to Cyprus to upgrade. his education. For all this, Uchendu thanked God and the cleric.
His father, Mr. David Uchendu, who is a carpenter, spoke to reporters amidst tears and thanked the man of God for his good deeds.
Miss Emmanuella Assimita of Cross River State; Mr. Lucky Emmanuel Wonaemi from Bayelsa State; and Miss Covenant Kelechi Onyenze of Imo State, said in separate interviews that Apostle Chibuzor was sent by God and prayed to God to grant him long life.
Another beneficiary, Miss Mmesoma Favor Obasi, from Abia State, told The Tide that she lives in Lagos with her parents but could not cope with her education due to poverty.
She, however, expressed her joy at being discovered by the OPM as one of those traveling to Cyprus to continue her studies.

By: Donat Ebi

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