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The political heir of Pinochet will probably not win the second round of the presidential election in Chile

Monday, November 29, 2021 – 09:49 UTC

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??We cannot let Chile fall back into authoritarianism,?? Carmen Frei said

Chilean far-left presidential hopeful Gabriel Boric of the Broad Front-Communist Party coalition would easily beat his far-right opponent José Antonio Kast in the December 19 presidential run-off by 53.9% of the vote to 31. .2%, according to a Pulso Ciudadano poll published on Sunday.

The study contradicts all predictions so far that predict a close decision that will require votes to be counted one by one. Kast had beaten Boric 27.9% to 25.8% in the first round on November 21.

Kast is backed by Vamos -Renovación Nacional, Unión Demócrata Independiente, Evópoli, Partido Regionalista Independiente- and even Undersecretary of Health Paula Daza, who is seen by some as a good addition to the team while others see her as the final nail in Kast’s coffin. , as his face is linked with multiple lockdowns and other mobility restrictions in addition to economic disaster for a number of families.

On the other hand, Boric is supported by the Socialists, the PPD, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats.

Kast’s open statements in favor of former dictator Augusto Pinochet seem to make Sunday’s polls more credible.

Christian Democrat leader Carmen Frei, daughter of former President Eduardo Frei-Montalva (1964-1970) and sister of former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle (1994-2000), urged her comrades in this dilemma ,?? so as not to go down in history??as the party that facilitated, by omission, the far-right Pinochet’s rise to the presidency of the Republic.??

She insisted there was no room for half measures “when unrestricted respect for human rights and the value of democracy in all its dimensions are at stake”.

??My father used to say that the fate of humanism is inextricably linked to the fate of democracy. This declaration has all its force today. And this is a question that I strongly believe in, ?? said Carmen Frei.

??In the name of all those who gave their lives to give us the democracy we have, out of respect for you and for the dignity of so many people who hope for a better country, I say it and I repeat it: we cannot not allow Chile to fall back into authoritarianism, nor the triumph of the political heirs of Pinochet, ?? she continued.

??Each of us must take responsibility for this in the face of history,?? the former senator added as she endorsed Boric’s candidacy, which was also backed by many television cast members across the country on Sunday.

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