Pradhan urges Giriraj to open Awaas portal for inclusion of eligible beneficiaries from Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Aug 5 (IANS): On Friday, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan urged his cabinet colleague Giriraj Singh to allow Odisha to migrate data of eligible beneficiaries from the rural housing portal to the Awaas portal.

Pradhan met the Union Rural Development Minister and Panchayati Raj in Delhi and submitted a letter to him in this regard.

In the letter, he asked Giriraj to allow Odisha government to migrate eligible beneficiary data from rural housing portal to PWL of Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) by opening Awaas+ window to include eligible families.

The data transfer will open the door to a dignified life for the poorest of the poor who are in urgent need of housing in Odisha, he said.

Pradhan also stressed the need for rigorous monitoring of the whole process so that no eligible beneficiary is left behind.

In Odisha, about 27 lakh families were included in PMAY-G. However, Odisha government has failed in terms of completion of survey for identification of eligible families, geolocation of households, inclusion of eligible families, exclusion of ineligible beneficiaries and linking of Aadhar and work card details of eligible families.

Yet, he said, the state government claims that about 7 lakh families have been left out of the scheme.

The Minister of Education highlighted the results of surveys conducted by the Ministry of Rural Development in the implementation of PMAY-G in Odisha.

“It is sad to note that out of the allocated target of 8,17,513 houses from the finalized Awaas+ listings in FY 2021-22, Odisha government has deliberately and disproportionately focused on districts where the ruling party had a strong vote,” he said.

However, the truth remains that the state faces the unique challenge of natural calamities and most rural households are located in remote locations in districts with high tribal populations. These challenges often act as a barrier to ensuring housing for all, he said.

Rigorous verification is needed to eliminate the risks of beneficiary duplication between PMAY-G and the state housing program, he added.

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