Queen Elizabeth’s heiress refused to appear in Camilla Parker Bowles’ 75th birthday documentary for her own benefit, royal expert says

Prince Charles and Camille Parker Bowlesrelationship proves that true love still exists. The couple have been together for decades and they have also stayed together despite all the criticism they have received, especially after their affair came to light.

Over the past two years, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have shown the public how supportive they are. In fact, their marriage is all about give and take.

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Prince Charles wanted Camilla Parker Bowles to stand out in his 75th anniversary documentary

This week, ITV is set to release a documentary focusing on the Duchess of Cornwall on her 75th birthday. And to the surprise of royal fans, Prince Charles is not on the schedule. Some were surprised and thought the future king was being snubbed.

However, royal expert Neil Sean clarified that was not the case. In fact, he said it must have been Prince Charles’ decision not to be in the documentary because he wanted his wife to shine.

“He wanted the focus to be on Camilla. For her to shine, [and] let her have a moment. It actually proves what a kind and caring man he is,” he said (via Express).

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are the future of the monarchy

Sean also claimed that Camilla still has negative reactions these days, even though more and more royal fans have warmed up to her. So, Prince Charles is always looking for ways to make the public love his wife more.

“Let’s not forget, earlier this year, in February, our wonderful 70-year-old monarch decreed that she would now, when the time came, for Camilla to be known as Queen Consort. So all of this, the editor as the magazine’s guest chief, the upcoming documentary and the very quiet 75th anniversary celebrations are, of course, to alert the wonderful people of our great Commonwealth that this will be the future of the monarchy,” he said.

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Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton have teamed up for The Former’s magazine project

As well as the ITV documentary, Camilla has also been asked to edit the anniversary edition of Country Life magazine. His photos which will appear on the pages of the magazine were taken by his stepdaughter, Kate Middleton.

During a recent interview, Carol Vorderman spoke about the relationship between Camilla and Middleton and said that the two get along well.

“Also on the family, not only her relationship with Prince Charles, but Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, took the photos. She’s a really, really good photographer, and they’re very close, the two of them,” she said (via Express).

Filmmaker Michael Waldman also weighed in on the photos of Camilla taken by Middleton.

“Camilla talked about it, about taking the picture, which was obviously a coup for Country Life to get it. She described how relaxed it was, there was no hair or makeup , they had laughed and it was just the two of them. This photo was taken by her hairstylist I think, so even Country Life wasn’t there, but Camilla told us and Country Life about the opportunity to take this picture. She and Kate get along, and there’s a sense of relaxation, and obviously Camilla chose Catherine, as she calls her, to do it because they get along. She knows having a good relaxed portrait, the photographer is important, from Camilla’s point of view it was a great experience, and it shows in the results,” he said.

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