Texans finally trade beneficiaries thanks to Deshaun Watson

Past trades have not been friendly to the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans trade quarterback Deshaun Watson may not go down with greats like Herschel Walker at the Minnesota Vikings, as remember, it was trade that brought a Super Bowl team to the Cowboys from Dallas.

While not a trade that may not be the greatest, the Watson trade is one that will be talked about in Houston for many years to come.

Texans’ trades, especially in the late Bill O’Brien era, were by no means impressive. In fact, trades in general have not been Texans’ friends, that is, until now.

The teams were playing Russian roulette under high pressure when it came to trade negotiations involving Watson. Three teams were reported to have made serious offers to the Texans for Watson this offseason. Was that number low because of other team needs or because teams were worried about what would happen to Watson off the pitch with his legal issues?

There is an odd shock among some fans that Watson is facing a significant suspension. As the hearings unfold this week, his the suspension could be as short as 6-8 games or as long as one year. The league also spoke of an indefinite suspension.

Regardless of the duration, it is believed that Watson was always going to be suspended. If Cleveland didn’t realize this when the trade happened, they need to realize it now.

Will the reward outweigh the risk for Brown? We will know more in 2023.

Texans are the beneficiaries of Deshaun Watson’s trade

Currently, all Houston fans should be anxiously awaiting how long the inevitable suspension will last. No matter how long Watson is suspended, every game on the sidelines is a much tougher game for the Browns to win, and every loss to Cleveland adds value to the Texans’ trade as they have the next two first-round picks. of the Browns.

It should be next to impossible for Texans fans to feel sorry for the Browns given what Houston fans have been through lately.

Most predictions show the Browns being a .500 team without Watson, and more than eight games will be devastating for Cleveland and like gold for the Texans.

The Browns were 8-9 in 2021, so the Texans could start looking at the top 15 players in the draft now. To sum it up, the Browns took a chance on trading Watson, and it should pay off eventually, but probably not this coming season.

The Texans are in a position to reap the benefits of a tough season for the Browns as they deal with their quarterback issues. As the young Texans grow and general manager Nick Caserio adds talent with the Browns’ first-round picks, they should only get better.

Is this ultimately taking Houston to places they’ve never been? Let’s just say this…Houston has never been in a better position than they will be in the next two years when it comes to adding talent to their roster.

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