The Government has spoken out in favor of inheritance rights and has scheduled it to be debated in 2022: “Generate equity”

The Secretary of the Provinces, Silvina Batakis. considered that the application of a inheritance tax “Generates fairness” and argued that the question he will be treated in 2022 with the governments of subnational states.

The 2022 tax consensus promoted by the government envisages that the 24 jurisdictions can create an inheritance tax. Batakis explained that this tribute “is in all developed countries” and that “corresponds to the provinces”.

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The head of the Ministry of the Interior declared that “by the international academy It is the tax best seen because it generates equity in what many speak, of the Meritocracy”.

Batakis said in criticizing macrismo: “It is not meritocracy when you receive different inheritances over time and how they accumulate. “

Government has denied promoting a tax hike due to 2022 tax consensus

The secretary of the provinces He denied that he was promoting a tax hike negotiations with the governors for the 2022 fiscal consensus and interviewed the president of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, not to join.

Batakis spoke of a “fiscal harmonization of provincial taxes between all jurisdictions”.

The provincial secretary said they are not “promoting a tax increase” but will establish aliquot limits, the application of which will remain in the hands of each provincial administration.

Batakis said the 2022 fiscal consensus “restores the autonomy of the provinces and gives them stability and legal certainty regarding taxes in each jurisdiction.”

Silvina Batakis criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for not joining the 2022 tax consensus

The provincial secretary criticized without mentioning the head of government in Buenos Aires, saying that “many leaders believe that they are still in the countryside ” and asked “to put aside this period”, in statements to Radio 10.

Batakis questioned that they had received refunds from all jurisdictions for the 2022 tax consensus proposal except the city of Buenos Aires.

The 2022 budget consensus opened a wedge between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and radical governors

The 2022 fiscal consensus provokes a crack in Together for Change since Rodríguez Larreta rejects him, unlike his UCR peers.

Provincial leaders of the opposition coalition Gerardo Morales placeholder image (Jujuy), Gustavo Valdes (Currents) and Rodolfo Suárez (Mendoza) will support the program.

Discrepancies due to the 2022 fiscal consensus would be discussed at the meeting of the National Council of Ensemble for Change

The crack of Ensemble for Change by the 2022 fiscal consensus would be discussed Monday at the meeting of the National Council of the opposition coalition.

One of the reasons Rodríguez Larreta will not join is that, depending on the project, the jurisdictions that sign it undertake to refrain for one year from initiating legal proceedings or suspend those already started by the regime federal partnership.

The Rodríguez Larreta administration made presentations to the Supreme Court of Justice to protest the government-ordered withdrawal of funds.

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