The Home Office guarantees that no legal action will be taken against the beneficiaries of the grace period

Urging offenders to use the grace period to correct their residency status, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoI) said there was no room for apprehension when approaching authorities at this end.
Capt. Kamal Tahir al-Tayri of the Search and Tracking Department said the offender will not be arrested by approaching the service centers or the Tracking and Tracking Department. “We reaffirm that there will be no legal consequences or action against those who take advantage of the grace period,” he said.
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Captain al-Tayiri urged expatriate leaders to encourage members of their community to take advantage of the program.
He urged offenders to use the grace period to correct their status as soon as possible before the deadline.
“We need time to settle the procedure before letting offenders leave the country. It is very important to avoid delays in their transactions due to the possibility of some restrictions being imposed without their knowledge that may prevent their trip, so that they can settle it and depart safely within the prescribed time. We therefore urge all not to wait for the deadline,” he said, while urging residency law violators to take advantage of the benefits granted during the period and to cooperate with the relevant authorities in the enforcement. prescribed legal procedures and not to delay or procrastinate by completing procedures in advance.

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