The ruling parties are “the only heir to freedom” in Hungary

The stakes in next year’s parliamentary elections are all the higher as the parties in power in Hungary are “the only heir to freedom” in the country and the only ones with “unquestionable democratic convictions,” said Tuesday. Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister.

European Union leaders from the western part of the bloc have had the chance to speak their whole lives about the importance of freedom and democracy in democratic countries, said Gergely Gulyás at a landmark international conference the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian constitution. On the other hand, Hungarian leaders – including the prime minister, president and speaker of parliament – have all stressed the importance of the rule of law while living under a dictatorship, he said. added.

In the 1980s, the current Hungarian rulers defended freedom and democracy while facing physical oppression and the risk of personal existential ruin, Gulyás said.

“It is an obvious difference in the commitment to democracy between Western and Central Europe,” he said. “Our commitment to the rule of law is not an empty platitude … but is based on genuine conviction.”

Gulyás said he was proud of the Basic Law, which answered “social questions of the modern era”. Hungary was the last country in the region to adopt a post-communist constitution, but the delay also provided an opportunity to “reflect on legal developments, as well as on the social and political changes of the past two decades. elapsed, ”he said. . Hungary’s constitution, he added, followed the example of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the two documents looked very similar.

Regarding the political situation in Hungary, Gulyás said opponents of the government had “extremely weak democratic beliefs and no democratic tradition at all”. The stipulations of the constitution preventing excessive public debt “are in themselves a reason for them not to like the government … the public debt having increased considerably under their reign”, he added.

The opposition now includes officials who “used to trample on the right to assembly and exercise physical violence against those who disagreed within legal limits,” Gulyás said.

The constitution also states that Hungary has the right to self-determination with respect to its citizens. “Since the opposition is for migration, this is an obstacle to their efforts,” said Gulyás.

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